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How to Give a Woman Good Oral Sex

A lot of men think that they know how to give a woman oral sex, but in reality, they have no idea. You may think that you know what you are doing but your woman doesn’t think so. She knows what feels good so here are the top 2 things that men need to know about oral sex.

The first tip is to warm her up. This means to get her aroused a bit. Too many men miss out on foreplay, which is a big part of a sexual interaction for women. Women need this time for their bodies to become lubricated and for sexual arousal to happen. Without this step, she isn’t going to orgasm and you are just going to feel like a loser.

The second hot tip is to go slow. Many women would agree that men try to rush oral sex. They think that no man is there to just please his woman and not worry about the time. When you don’t get frustrated and when you take your time, you make the experience so much more enjoyable for her. She can relax and feel like you want to be giving her oral sex and that you care about her pleasure.

Try these tips tonight on your girl to give her the best oral of her life. This can bring the two of you closer and make it so you start having better sex. Plus, you will finally get the confidence that you need to be better in bed.


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